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Meet The Cripples. Two vinyl loving dreamers whose slightly broken bodies have an unbreakable spirit when it comes to sharing pure, booty-shaking sounds on dancefloors around the globe. Through the genres of Chicago and Detroit house, with lacings of disco and all things rhythm, Sunshine Pedro and Locke are more than just DJ’s: they’re connectors, educators and travellers whose soulful music has them chasing the sun as they bring love and celebration to those in the clubs and festivals before them. 


As solo DJ’s, they have already crossed many frontiers of the electronic scene. From regular gigs throughout Europe playing alongside names such as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Trent and David Morales, to residencies at Pedro’s infamous Cariocas Beach Bar in Greece, summer is just the beginning. In winter however, their music has them wandering between South American Jungle parties, burning hot African Desert raves, the underground clubs of Florida and the sparkling coastal shores of Baja California.


Creating interesting dance concepts such as Odyssia Festival, MOVE Project and Walk The Night has also kept The Cripples busy. While Odyssia Festival once a year transforms the lazy coastal area of Schinos Bay in Greece into an elaborate playground for some of the world's most revered house music artists, MOVE Project, with its secret lineups and special invitation policy, created a new kind of mystique within the Athens house movement as it renewed and promoted a ripe club culture amongst the ancient buildings. On top of this, Walk The Night was yet another extension of their musical teachings and featured in many a metropolis to flaunt the original beats of electronic America, proving that 30 years later, the sound of Detroit and Chicago will never find sleep. 


But back to our dreamers; armed with strong beliefs in what they do, these modern wayfarers feed their souls with that which calls to them the most — the music. And whether it floats through psychedelic sunsets, between urban club strobes or over the earth with dusk, the path of The Cripples is clear as they connect strangers, lovers and best friends through its organic and rhythmic sound.

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