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Helmed by New York artists Cory James and Soramimi, Dusk Notes saw its debut release last year with each founder delivering three intelligent experimental cuts, six in total in a split EP named “Jettatura”. Released in April 2014, the tracks saw them explore their more reflective and atmospheric sides. Their Dusk Notes label’s focus is intended to focus on the “spectral and subconscious” and “ communicate to both the dance and introspective listener”. In their second release Dusk Notes 002, “Rapture Insignia”, Soramimi has stepped up on her own with a 4-Track solo EP (5th track as a digital only bonus), to provide a medley of mesmerizing productions with a remix from Brooklyn producer Jordan.


‘Moon Mourning’ initiates the package by delving into subterranean depths with a cacophony of ethereal atmospherics and multi-layered synths. Fellow New York-based artist Jordan is then called in to provide a percussive remix with subtle rhythms and spectral pads.

In ‘The Fourth Wall’ an ambient intro gradually progresses into an undulating four-four cut, whereas ‘The Fifth Wall’ exhibits a surge in energy and distorted effects. Concluding the release, ‘Heart For Hindsight’ incorporates subtle throbs and ghostly moans to generate otherworldly results.

Being well received in both critical and tastefinder circles, “Rapture Insignia”, is proving to be a groundbreaking production for Soramimi. Resident Advisor praised her release  with 3.8 out of 5, alluding to her taste for exploratory sound and composition. Electronic Explorations Podcast 389 saw Soramimi’s rare Dj set, also applauded by many as their rare find for 2015.

Her name, Soramimi, is defined as “ a mishearing or feigned deafness. She regards her music as narrative imagery, with a sound illustrated by cerebral textures and dreamlike compositions. She brings a distinct fluency and gravity to the table of experimental dub techno. With a slow, pummeling rise into everyone’s sonic awareness, Soramimi is definitely one to watch.

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