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As one of the three pioneers of the current Detroit Sludge movement, helmed as the 5th Wave in the evolution of Detroit Techno, Shady P produces its raw, unfiltered menacing sounds. The term “Detroit Sludge” was coined by Marshall Applewhite in 2011, founder of the Yo Sucka! label and frequent contributor to tracks on How To Kill Records/Detroit, which is co-owned by Shady P and The Friend. The three have become infamous for Detroit Sludge nights, which have been gaining full speed in their local scene, and now being exported to the outside world.


Detroit Sludge saw its way into the festival arena in 2015 with Shady P playing a stellar set at Bonaroo Festival, and Marshall Applewhite at Movement. Detroit Sludge makes its way to Movement festival again this year with a feature in the Detroit Stage.


With releases on Breed Records, Magnitizdat Tapes and How to Kill Records, the young Detroiter has a bright future that spans beyond just the norms of house and techno. In 2015, Shady P began releasing on his own imprint The Catholic Press.

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