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Rolling Ones is a collaborative project between Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) and Jordan Poling (Jordan). Rolling Ones finds its voice in the synthesis of each artist's sound, combining Tin Man's acidic melodies with Jordan's deep, textural pads. The two met in New York and wrote their debut record for Jordan's label, Division Point Industries, between there and Vienna, Austria. They preform a hybrid DJ/Live set, sure to take you for a ride.



Tin Man is hitting his stride touring the world and approaching the 100 shows per year mark. Having been around the block, Tin Man has built a substantial following through his back catalogue featuring his unmistakable signature acid sound. This makes him a favorite of the underground. Tin Man’s music gets played out by most all the most respected underground djs on a regular basis. Recent releases (Bunker NYC, Ostgut, Infrastructure, Acid Test) and shows with collaborators, Gunnar Haslam as Romans and together with Cassegrain, have been drawing attention. Collabarations with Donato Dozzy have achieved cult status.  The Rolling Ones has a given special opportunity to share Tin Man’s side as a DJ and not just as a live performer. Their forthcoming productions as a duo feature Tin Man’s emotional sensibility and Jordan’s deep atmosphere adhered and amplified through rolling and jacking beats. 



Jordan Poling is a DJ/producer in Brooklyn pushing the line where deep house and techno join in emotive rawness.

Jordan grew up in Ohio, where he was exposed to the Midwest rave scene through various other facets of dance music, and devoted himself to the art of playing records at a young age. His move to New York City in 2008 marked the beginning of his production career while holding down day-jobs at the pressing plant Brooklyn Phono and halcyon the shop. He has ben very busy as of late, with tracks on Brooklyn's L.A.G. label, Florida's Finale Sessions, and upcoming 12”s on London's Ornate, and Fred P's Boards record labels. Aside from his busy solo schedule, Jordan also has collaboration projects with Fred P and Tin Man. When asked how to best describe his music, Jordan's answer is simple. “It's honest.”



For its premier release, Division Point Industries is proud to announce a 4-track EP by Rolling Ones, a collaborative project featuring Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) and Jordan Poling (Jordan). Rolling Ones finds its voice in the synthesis of each artist's sound, combining Tin Man's acidic melodies with Jordan's deep, textural pads. Debuting at the Division Point Industries residency at Bushwick's notorious Bossa Nova Civic Club, Rolling Ones marked their arrival by playing a DJ back-to-back set.

Opening the record is '93' Mustang', a muscular, no-nonsense roller built around deep wells of warm bass and slick-piston percussion. As it builds, Tin Man's signature acidic squelch dances in the remaining space, giving the track a sense of both life and depth. Next is 'Faded Delorian', an abyssal burner that refracts its ghostly tones around a panning labyrinth of crystalline synths. On the flip is 'Slammed Cadillac', a sinewy, stripped down stomper of clattering percussion and caustic 303s. 'Jacked Up Impala' finishes the record as a jacking acid tool.

Founded by Jordan Poling, Division Point Industries is a new label built on the success of a collaborative residency with Cory James at Brooklyn's Bossa Nova Civic Club. Having hosted artists ranging from the established to the underground, Division Point Industries has crafted a no-nonsense take on deep house and techno that is rich in history while remaining focused on the future.

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