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Renaat Vandepapeliere is as hungry for new sounds now as he was when he first founded the legendary R&S Records.


Although he has run one of electronic music’s foremost labels for over 37 years, he is still on the voyage of personal discovery and quest for authenticity that has fired the R&S imprint. Now with decades of in his own words, “living the dream”, he turns his attention back to the roots of American dance music that inspired the enduring label.

Renaat was one of the first to welcome techno when it came from America to Europe in the 1980s, giving a young Derrick May and Joey Beltram a chance at producing and releasing records in Europe. R&S aimed to preserve the true soul in those recording and not water it down to meet the expectations of European audiences. Soon the label was pushing the innovative new sounds of Aphex Twin, Paula Temple, Jaydee, C.J  Bolland, The Source Experience/Robert Leiner, System 7, Dave Angel, Ken Ishii, Model 500/Juan Atkins. In 2006 he began another similarly prolific run into the present day that has seen the likes of James Blake, Delphic, Pariah, Untold, Blawan, Vondelpark, Radioslave score hits on the label, while closing the circle with other artists, such as Atkins and his seminal Model 500 project.

Today another crop of talent is waiting in the wings to break further new ground. Here lies the premise of Renaat R&S Records - In Order To Dance – North/South American tour.


Renaat travels to America this year for his brand new concept, a project that will see him get closer than ever to the creative spirit of young producers that he

thrives around.

As each show is announced the label head will invite demos from producers in each town he is booked to play. The senders of the best efforts will be chosen

and given a place on their local show alongside Renaat and the formidable array of talent lined up for R&S Records Showcases this year, such as Paula Temple, Nonkeen (Nils Frahm), Blue DaIsy, Lakker, Alex Smoke, Lone, Paul White, Synkro, Paranoid London and Tale of Us.

The Belgian hopes not just to find more unique talent that will take the label into its next stage but also to pay tribute to America, the country that has given him his muse over the years. He hopes to give a platform to a talent that may not have ever been discovered otherwise: the obscure recluse artist types. In doing so he hopes to tap into the raw, creative, industrious spirit that makes America


Dance music brings people together and in a society that is frequently guilty of putting up borders, Renaat is looking for someone unique to invite to play

alongside him and experience these utopian ideas first hand. They may never have experienced this unique culture and if they are an outsider, then so much the better – they will bring a fresh new perspective. Renaat himself epitomizes everything positive about dance music and invites you to make your place in the scene he truly loves for this R&S Records – In Order To Dance – North/South American Tour.

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