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Behind the anonymity of Jordan’s chosen moniker lies a complex musical entity. Straying from obvious paths his club sets aim to connect the room and create unique, emotive moments though an ever-unfolding track selection of house and techno gems new and old. Choosing the simplicity of his first name he aims to remove the boundaries between crowd and DJ and bring groups of strangers together in unison when they least expect it. 


An Ohio native based in New York since 2008, he began to produce soon after his move to the capital. Jordan’s deep lying approach to his craft soon attracted the attention of Fred P, one of the foremost minds in house and techno. Fred began looking for the future of his music in 2013 and created his label Boards for the altruistic purpose of giving a host of young artists a platform for their talent.  Jordan joined the Boards family in 2016 with his release What We Have Forgotten, an accomplished EP which touched on techno, house and broken beat. This followed highly accomplished EPs on highly regarded imprints such as Brooklyn’s LAG, Ornate Music from UK and Finale Sessions out of Florida. Weighing in with a varied musical background Jordan’s influences take in Latin to DnB to but in the club he has a strong mantra of house and techno, preferring to play long sets and build a long hypnotic stream of music with a tight focus on maintaining groove and energy.  Whether it be Chicago acid, Detroit deepness or New York attitude, Jordan can bring this in his music. This has seen his reputation extend from his home city clubs such as Output, Good Room and into the rest of the US including LA for Feels, Familarise in Philly, Oakland for Shuffle Coop and Club Der Visionaire in Berlin, Brut in Vienna and many more.


DPI is his current label project, which aims to have a stream of releases from both Jordan himself and like-minded artists he will bring to the fray. His collaboration with Tin Man in 2016 as Rolling One resulted in a sold out self-titled debut EP. In the same month this year he released “What Have We Forgotten” on Fred P’s Soul People Music/BOARDS which sold out in the first week. Finding it’s way into every underground DJ’s record bag is DShave pushed him to another level and with much more bubbling up it wont be long before the six letters of the name Jordan

begin to garner more notoriety.

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