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Along with Anna Kaufen, Horror Inc has been one of the two main aliases that Montreal’s Marc Leclair has used in the past decade, beside Akufen and his given name. The moniker only has four releases to its name. One of those is the cinematic introspective house music of the “Aurore” three-tracker that came out in 2010 on the Haunt Music label. In 2008, Leclair also employed Horror Inc for a remix of Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts’ “They Only Come Out at Night” single on Musique Risquée. But given that these two volleys represent the only two releases by Leclair in the past six years, the emergence of an all-new Horror Inc live set is a veritable cause for celebration! Those lucky few who caught the world premiere of the new Akufen live show at MUTEK 2009 already know that Leclair is famously guarded about releasing the gold he has building up on his hard-drive. That set was a bold step forward not only for a producer who’d introduced new levels of complexity and rhythm to micro-house back in the early 2000’s, but also for anyone who sees the potentials of house as an intelligent art form.

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