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Konstantinos Soublis’ music was born in urban Greece and came of age during the mid 90s amidst a city that existed in a state of flux like no other in the 20th century. The Greek was one of many musicians experimenting in Berlin around the turn of the millennium, part of a group on whom the city’s complex social, historical and political factors left an undeniable mark, both consciously and unconsciously.

Amongst the freedom of the German capital’s art scene the Fluxion project came together and saw the release of Vibrant Forms I & II on Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus’ now mythical Chain Reaction label. Along with the naivety and liberalism of the time, combined with what Soublis describes as a punk like rejection of form, many of the strains of techno and electronic music were born that now dominate sound of clubs the world over. Fluxion was swept along in this wave of creating for creativity’s sake during this special time, with an organic, naturally fluid and playful attitude towards pushing artistic boundaries.

It is one of the great contradictions of our time that today’s pressurized, hyper aware and monetized art world owes so much to the 90s creative spirit and that absolute freedom to create is now regarded as a luxury. In his recent work as Fluxion, Soublis connects with these impulses that have set him on his course and dissects them with a mature and meditative, yet rebellious approach. Acknowledging the alignment of factors in the past, he keeps this in his consciousness but seeks constant evolution, exploring how these factors unique to his artistic development have brought him to embrace his present process and how he can push against mainstream musical movements.

While much of the scene Soublis and his contemporaries spawned has become aggressive and clincial, with Fluxion he feels his work can take the long view, allowing sounds to breathe, interact and meld together in new and unexpected forms; “I want to play with the mind’s conventional expectations in pieces of music, with no one loop ever repeating itself. Motifs may come and go, appearing unexpectedly in new and wonderful forms,” he says. With each experience of his music, the artist wants the listener to perceive in it in a different way.


In 2014, Fact magazine named Fluxion’s “Bipolar Diffect”, one of the 25 best dub techno tracks of all time. As Fluxion, he released on Resopal label in Germany, and also his mainstay label Echocord. His collaboration with Echocord  has spanned 3 albums and many ep’s. Perfused (2009), Traces (2012), Broadwalk Tales (2014).

K. Soublis has released 7 albums as Fluxion. The direction of the Fluxion productions, is that of an organic mass movement, that always shifts and changes forms, never exactly repeating, propelled by techno motifs.  In March 2016 Vibrant Forms II has been re-issued, and a brand new Fluxion release (soon to be announced), is ready for a September 2016 release.

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