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DJ PETE aka Substance




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Looking at Berlin’s Techno landscape, there is no way missing the landmark which is DJ Pete. He’s not only an eye witness to Techno’s zero hour in Berlin, but he also became one of the early forces shaping the German capital’s underground dance scene for the years to come. He quickly went from being a consumer to actually write Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and an international Dj, as well as part of the Hardwax record store crew.
Listening to Pete Dj, it is hardly surprising his experience spanning two decades constantly shines through. His sets comprise a wide range of the most important currents electronic music went through over the last 20 years. His energetic Djing is based on loop-y Techno with a tinge of Industrial, tougher House tracks, the proverbial Berlin Sound, as well as classic US Techno.

One of his main strengths is to intuitively keep the balance of pleasing the crowd while always keeping an open mind for new sounds. Moving between those poles is DJ Pete‘s main source for inspiration, currently resulting in him spicing up his sets with a lot of Dubstep verging on Techno.

Another fine example of both his variety and open-mindedness is the fact that he - as a dj still

preferring the sonic and haptic qualities of vinyl – released “Scion Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks” as part of the duo Scion, which was the first commercially available CD ever to have been produced with Ableton‘s completely new software “Live”.

In 1995, Scion released their debut “Emerge” on Chain Reaction, followed by more productions under his solo pseudonym Substance on Chain Reaction and Scion Versions, as well as remixes for artists like Juan Atkins, Scuba, Robert Hood and Rhythm & Sound.

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